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Rapidly Growing Commercial Services Provider


Commercial Construction Design for a Rapidly Growing Commercial Services Provider

The Challenge:

This electrical services provider was in a growing stage for their company. Currently they were planning on occupying 2500 square feet of new office space with expansion plans within 12 months to double the square footage. The space needed to be flexible and easily adaptable as the needs of this organization changed. Their estimating department was the heart of the operation. Enormous amounts of drawings, products and documentation to manage. The biggest challenge was easy accessibility to numerous key individuals prior to completing a bid. The timeline was tight and there were budget considerations.

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The Design Solution:

A combination of closed and open offices was the layout chosen to provide the most flexibility for their growing needs. The definition of most spaces was through mobile walls and furniture solutions. The versatility of these walls, table desks and storage components made the transformation. As the needs presented themselves, manipulation was easily achieved with their own internal man power. The estimating department was a transparent space with a need for organization and efficiencies. There were a variety of space-saving solutions and work surfaces to accommodate for the various participants in any given bid. We were able to meet both the time and budget considerations with cost effective, Canadian manufacturers and quick ship options.

The completed project balanced these aesthetic and functional components of this thriving company.

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