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Art Gallery Inspired Dental Office Comes to Life with Interior Design and Interior Styling

The Challenge:

From the first meeting the desire was to make this dental office not feel, from the initial entrance, that this was a dental office. The practice specialized in sedation dentistry as most patients were fearful of the dental work. The art gallery inspiration was suggested by a part time artist who worked with the doctor. Inspiration was born. The next challenge for this new clinic was only two windows on the front elevation. Natural light would not be able to penetrate to the rear of the space.

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The Design Solution:

The location of the windows lead to the reception and waiting area being at the front of the space followed by a glass door to separate the waiting from the dental treatment area. The art gallery theme lead to a mainly white and monochromatic color scheme and finish selections. A wood grain grey walnut was a sophisticated contribution to an otherwise white palette. Wall space was used to display various artist paintings and prints and other wall décor was limited. The simplicity of the space was also enhanced with the use of textures and finishes. The texture carved MDF reception desk face is intriguing and draws the viewer in. Inviting waiting room furniture and beverage station sets a relaxing tone for the patient.

The feedback from the patients is always very positive. They feel relaxed and peaceful as they enter the office which sets a tone for a positive experience at the dentist.

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