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Interior Design Challenge For a Calgary Commercial Services Provider

The Challenge:

A change in clinic ownership brought the need to update the look and create a more patient friendly environment. The practice would now be managed by one dentist with 7 operatories, sterilization and large lab facilities.  The current space had two functioning reception desk. The renovation would occur over the holiday season ensuring the clinic would only be closed for 5 working days. A new brand was created and the renovation decisions would be made to reinforce the new image and patient experience. This budget conscientious design needed to tie in the existing components while ensuring the office felt fresh and updated to the current returning patients.

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The Design Solution:

A waiting room reconfiguration was necessary to reduce the reception desks to one and add a consult area for patient conferences. Current bulkheads were used to limit the construction impact on both the budget and the timeline. The reception first impression would be created with new furnishings, signage and better visibility to the common areas of the downtown public building. By blending the existing millwork with new materials and storage solutions we were able to reuse most of the in-place features. Accommodating for digital efficiencies allowed the elimination of the paper archived files which provided more space. By introducing a new color palette, new furnishings and artwork on the walls a new patient experience was born. Our project administration services began once the design stage was complete. We attending site meetings throughout the construction period and were able to manage the modifications required in a timely manner when we encountered renovation surprises. The transformation of this clinic space has been remarkable. It was not required to renovate the whole space to have the feeling of a complete renovation. The solutions have increased production, assisted with practice efficiencies and given the returning patients a new first impression. The effects of this clinic face lift has been numerous for the staff, doctor and the clients alike. They were achieved with minimal downtime on a strict budget.

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