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Residential Design 

Excellent design defines how we experience a space. It can provide creative solutions for effective use of your space and deliver a visually attractive experience.

This process can asks lot of questions.

How do you live in your home?
What is the biggest challenge in your space?
How do the people interact in your home?
What are the requirements of your daily routine?
What is your personal and family style?

We ask a lot of questions so we can create ways to transform your space and help you realize your vision.

Decca Design Offers Residential Design for Home Renovations and New Construction

Custom Homes

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Home Renovations

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Furniture & Styling

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Custom Homes

Every new home build is a very individual process — the needs and wants of the home owner are paramount.

Our 7-step process addresses everything in your home, to make your day-to-day living more enjoyable and efficient and reflective of your lifestyle.

Regardless of its size, a well-designed home should give you more of what you really want — whether that’s family time, leisure time, personal time, or all of the above.

Often, we’re designing your dream house, the home you have fantasized about, where you’ll enjoy the rest of your life.

No two projects are ever the same and the possibilities are endless. Your custom home dreams become reality in the hands of our talented designers and construction experts.

A house is just four walls and a roof but a home is where life happens.

No matter your dream, we work with you to find a way to make it a reality!

What do you daydream about?

We take the time to get to know you and your family, to really understand who you are and how you live — and more importantly, how you dream of living.

We begin by making sure we address the structural and functional requirements before shifting attention to the finishing details that add visual and aesthetic appeal.

During our 7-step process, we will guide you through up to 1,500 decisions, covering every facet of your design project and succinctly convey this information to the construction team.

Decisions Made Easy


“Decca helped guide me through some difficult and numerous decisions on my new home. They were sensitive to our tastes and wishes and presented us with choices that helped create the finished house we wanted..”

ML - Custom Home Client

Home Renovations

Home renovations, while they can have their challenges… can also be very rewarding.

You don’t need to give up your fond memories, neighbours, or school district to live in a home that meets your high standards and expectations.

A custom renovation may be all you need to upgrade to your dream home.






We are here to eliminate the home renovation fears.


We evolve the individual components of a house into the realization of a home. A comfortable, tailored environment that you’ll be proud to call your own.




“From start to finish there was always ample explaining, talking and exchanging of ideas. We were always included in the scheduling and were able to tweak the budget. The Decca team gives a new meaning to the term organized! You guys are truly a remarkable organization and you delivered everything you said you would with style and a smile on your faces.

AO - Residential Renovation Client

Furniture & Styling

Stylizing or decorating is the final step to completing your home or renovation with furniture and furnishings that will enhance the design and add your personality.

Maybe you are looking for a small face-lift for your favorite space. It is transformational what a coat of paint and new furnishings can do for a room.

These finishing touches will enhance the overall vision:


Decca Design can help source, select and install the finishing touches to your space. It is always very exciting to see a room come together!

Dreams Realized


“Your help made all the difference in making our dreams come alive in our home.

VE - Custom Home Client

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