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Residential Design Services

Excellent design defines how we experience a space. It can provide creative solutions for effective use of your space and deliver a visually attractive experience.

By taking the time to understand your needs, wants and lifestyle, we are able to customize a solution just for you.

This process can asks lot of questions.

How do you live in your home?
What is the biggest challenge in your space?
How do the people interact in your home?
What are the requirements of your daily routine?
What is your personal and family style? 

Then we create ways to transform your space and help you realize your vision. To bring your ideas to life, we use:

• sketches
• computer drawings
• renderings
• color boards
• virtual tours

Decca Design Specializes in Interior Design for Home Renovations and New Construction

Custom Homes

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Home Renovation

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Community Planning

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Custom Homes

A custom home is your opportunity to create something of your very own from the ground up.
It is a personalized process that will identify, plan and implement the elements necessary to help you live your best life within the walls of your new home.

Your need for space is unique to you and your lifestyle. Every space will not only be functional but also contribute to your daily success. Your home will make you feel proud, inspired and excited to share it with friends and family.

Regardless of it’s size, a well-designed residence should give you more of what you really want:

  • More family time
  • More personal space
  • Better visual appeal
  • More quiet time
  • Better designed space
  • Less clutter
  • More options


The possibilities for your new home are endless.

Let the Decca team guide you through the process and eliminate overwhelm, frustration and anxiety. We are proud to practice the principals of sustainable design.
Check out the following links to see further examples of the spaces we have helped create:


Decca Design will be there during every step of your project. We are part of a team that together will help you realize your dream home. Our project management and administration services will assist you with the construction and successful completion of your project.

Decisions Made Easy


Decca helped guide me through some difficult and numerous decisions on my new home. They were sensitive to our tastes and wishes and presented us with choices that helped create the finished house we wanted.

ML, custom home client

Home Renovations

Home renovations, while they can have their challenges… can also be very rewarding. You like your home, you love the location and you have built great memories.  A remodel may be all that stands in the way of your forever home. Do you ever think…

If only I could improve this…
This area has so much potential…
That’s not working for me and my family…

Contemplating a home renovation is a daunting prospect.

You worry the final outcome may not live up to your expectations.
You’re anxious about the impact of ongoing construction on your day-to-day life.
You’ve heard horror stories about cost spiraling out of control.


We are here to eliminate the home renovation fears.

Using our 7-step process we’ll uncover challenges, consider your future plans and create solutions that will work for years to come.


We’ve designed beautiful, functional spaces for:

Living Room
• Bathrooms
Entertainment Spaces
• Support Areas

We can also help you execute your renovation. With our twenty plus years of experience, put our project management services to work for you.



From start to finish there was always ample explaining, talking and exchanging of ideas. We were always included in the scheduling and were able to tweak the budget. The Decca team gives a new meaning to the term organized! You guys are truly a remarkable organization and you delivered everything you said you would with style and a smile on your faces.

AO, Residential Renovation Client


Stylizing is the final step to completing your home or renovation with furniture and furnishings that will enhance the overall design and add your personality.

Maybe you are looking for a small face-lift for your favorite space. It is transformational what a coat of paint and new furnishings can do for a room.

These items assist with the overall feeling and experience a person has within these walls.
These finishing touches will enhance the overall vision:

• Furniture
• Area rugs
• Window coverings
• Artwork
• Plants
• Accessories

Decca Design can help source, select and install the finishing touches to your space. It is always very exciting to see a room come together!

Community Planning

Community planning and design is so much more than a large design project. It’s about the creation of an environment in which people will raise their families and live their lives.

It’s more than single home design; it includes all of the spaces that shape a community. It is vital to shaping the character, vibrancy, safety and desirability of a neighbourhood.
Detailed, intensive work is required to develop a comprehensive design for any community to meet the needs its inhabitants.
Few commercial interior design firms have the experience to take on large-scale community development projects. Decca does.


We’ve designed multiple upscale subdivisions, providing:

• Conceptual design for multiple home styles
• Styling for entire subdivisions and the features within 
• Design of supporting infrastructures

Take a look at examples in our Community Planning projects gallery.

Dreams Realized


Your help made all the difference in making our dreams come alive in our home.

VE, Custom home client

Remember, this is about building a relationship.

We’re a partner in your project.

Ready to your discuss your home?