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Professional Design Services

New Construction & Renovations

 Design is the nuts and bolts of creating both an optimized workflow and exceptional customer experience.

By taking the time to work side by side with you, we learn firsthand what you do and how you do it.  We then  use that information to enhance your environment for both visual impact and function for both staff and clientele.

Interior Design Services

The Interior Design Process:

Your interior design plan begins with a detailed look at your current lifestyle as well as your aspirations for how you will use your new or remodeled space.

When designing your interior, we focus on your functional needs by getting to know how you live:

• How does the flow of people work within the 4 outer walls of your home or commercial space?
• What are the requirements of your daily routine?
• Where will the main interactions take place?
• How can the interior of your home or office be designed to enhance your quality of life or lifestyle?

We begin by making sure we address the structural and functional requirements before shifting attention to the finishing details that add visual and aesthetic appeal.

The overall concept for your interior design will be conveyed through sketches, a colour board, finish descriptions, and schedules. We have detailed knowledge of where to source the best materials to create your dream home interior.

During the process, we will guide you through up to 1,500 decisions, covering every facet of your interior design.

The Purpose

The purpose of interior design is to create solutions for the effective use of your interior space that are both functional and aesthetically attractive.

Our step-by-step process addresses everything within the exterior walls of your space, from planning the interior flow and sight lines (by positioning walls, doors and work areas) to making your day-to-day experiences more enjoyable and efficient.


Design & Drafting Services

Design & Drafting Services includes project design but also the preparation of construction documents for permit applications, budgeting, tender and execution.

Decca has the experience to know the process and challenges that can surround a project process. With the use Autodesk Revit – 3D software an inhouse design team your vision can be seen even before a you need to swing a hammer.


Design & Drafting Services can include the following items:

  • Submitting a development permit
  • Submitting a building permit
  • Creating tenant improvement layouts
  • Working / Construction drawings
  • Conceptual plans using Autodesk – Revit – 3D software
  • Analyzing Layouts or feasibility studies
  • Complete Millwork drawings
  • Construction Detailing

Project needs will vary depending on size & scope.  We can customize our services to meet your needs and set your project up for success. 

Functional Space


I can’t believe we have been in the new space for 9 months now… it is a fantastic, functional space and everyone is very happy.

SS - Medical office

Interior Styling / Decorating

Interior Styling, sometimes mistakenly called Interior Decorating is…

Available either as a standalone service – or in conjunction with our residential design or interior design services– our interior decorating turns your home or work place into a showpiece. Interior styling begins with a study of your preferences, tastes and overall style. If we have previously collaborated on the architectural, interior design and planning, we can build on what we have learned throughout those phases.

The next step is to ensure there is a space for everything by identifying existing furniture and décor that will be moving with you into your finished space. Armed with these insights, we then present an overall concept for your interior furnishings and décor, including hand-drawn sketches and renderings and possibly a colour board.

Styling includes all of the following:
• furniture
• equipment 
• fittings, (bedding, kitchen items, organization) (need commercial example)
• window treatments
• artwork
• accessories

Selecting the right furniture and furnishings for your space begins with a study of your brand, work style, and overall preferences. We also ensure we design a space for everything by identifying any existing furniture, marketing or decor you already have available.

Your furniture and furnishings will be scheduled for delivery and installation just as construction is complete. By working on your furniture, furnishing and equipment during the build stage, your new office or retail space is quickly ready for you to open your doors!

Community planning and design encompasses the creation and management of the built environment of a neighbourhood – the buildings, streets, pathways, parks and natural spaces that shape a community.
This process is vital as it directly impacts the character, vibrancy, safety, and desirability of a neighbourhood. Detailed and intensive planning is required to create a comprehensive design for a desirable and livable community that meets the needs of all its inhabitants.

While large-scale community development projects don’t come along every day, we have experience designing upscale subdivisions, including:

• Conceptual design for multiple housing styles
• Residential styling for a subdivision as a whole
• Design of supporting infrastructure


Take a look at these examples in our Community Planning projects portfolio.

  • Subdivisions
  • Model Homes
  • Community Amenities
  • Parks / Green Space
  • Community Fencing

Project Management 

Project management is… Similar to a general contractor, a project manager supervises construction, organizes every detail and is on-site every day to oversee progress.

The design decisions are made and now you are ready to decide who will build your home or work space. As part of the original planning team, we have a comprehensive working knowledge of your residential project and can ensure your design dreams are fully executed.

At Decca Design Inc. we have the in-house ability to continue the journey with you as a project manager and help you execute your residence. As project managers, we will work with you to vet the contractors, to schedule and oversee the trades and be your regular on-site representative to protect your interest and ensure the execution is in line with the design concepts and decisions you have previously made.

Project management is a fully transparent process. You see all the quotes and invoices for each trade as the project progresses. There are no hidden fees, credits or extras. You are in the driver’s seat to control all aspects of your project’s budget and timeline.


What Does Project Management Include?

• Collect quotes and hire qualified tradespeople
• Order materials, supplies, and millwork in advance, so every phase of the build stays on schedule
• Review and approve invoices
• Coordinate all aspects of the build (both on and off site), including: applying for permits, scheduling inspections, quality control
• Change requests
• Budgeting
• WCB and insurance
• Warranties
• Occupancy date


Our role as Project Manager is to oversee every aspect of

construction from beginning to end.

Why Work with a Project Manager?
As part of the original planning team, we will already have a comprehensive working knowledge of your project and can ensure your design plans are well executed.

By making and documenting all of the design decisions up front, contractors have the information they need to provide accurate pricing. This in turn means your project will come in on budget.

Our Exacting Project Control System…

Our system is the foundation for providing elevated service for your project.

We have developed an Exacting Project Control System that takes the guess-work out of your project and your budget. Did you know there are up to 1500 decisions to be made in taking on a building project? That is overwhelming to the person looking to create or update their home or business

Project Administration

If you’re hiring a general contractor rather than a project manager, we can act as your representative or liaison to ensure work is progressing on schedule. This would typically include:

• Performing weekly site visits
• Monitoring overall project progress
• Adherence to project specifications
• Ensuring quality checks and inspections are completed
• Alerting you to any potential delays, cost overruns, or other issues that may arise
• Handling paperwork and billing reviews

Sustainable Design

We design with a commitment to sustainability. Your space is one of the most significant ways that you can make a positive impact on the environment and your overall health.

If you are interested in sustainable design, whether for health, cost or environmental reasons, we are happy to share solutions for energy efficiency, low-emission products, and locally-sourced or reclaimed materials.

Why Consider Sustainable Design?
A greener space uses less energy, water and natural resources, creates less waste, and has better indoor air quality and temperature regulation. You can save as much as $900+ a year on water and energy bills for an average sized home or office.

As accredited LEED professionals, we have the training to help you:

• reduce your environmental impact
• improve the energy efficiency
• save money on your water and energy bills
• improve overall indoor air quality and temperature regulation
• reduce your exposure to allergens and triggers for asthma or chemical sensitivities
• select non-toxic building materials that lower your exposure to mold and mildew
• enhance your company/brand profile
• boost employee productivity, performance, morale and satisfaction
• reduce sick leave, stress levels and absenteeism

Hard Working Team


The Decca team worked very hard to meet our budget and schedule – overall we are very happy with the finished product.

TI - Office Renovation

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