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Creating More Kitchen Space with Interior Design and Interior Styling

The Challenge:

A relocation to an inner city neighborhood meant the sacrifice of the modern kitchen amenities, appliances and space. After living in a more spacious suburban home this couple was struggling to make their new inner city home reflect their lifestyle. This professional couple has a common passion for cooking. The current kitchen was dated from the 1970’s with honey oak cabinets and linoleum floors. Inefficient workings of the kitchen did not allow for storage or counter space. Existing cabinets were not prepared to accommodate the latest generation of appliances and the myriad of gadgets, spices and dishes to elegantly prepare their famous international cuisine. This is a new era of cooking and this kitchen needed to be brought into the 21st century.

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The Design Solution:

A layout alteration began with the addition of patio doors to open out onto the beautiful backyard and to bring as much natural light into this small cave kitchen. An existing single entry door would later be repurposed for a unique pantry solution, with custom shelving, to accommodate it’s every need. The existing peninsula was removed and converted into a lower micro shelf and the cabinets were repositioned, still utilizing the existing frameworks to allow for the latest kitchen appliances including cooktop, double ovens and fridge.
Cabinets were capped with a paint grade bulkhead to run to the ceiling and the honey oak doors and frames received a dark walnut stain facelift. Additional lighting enhanced the dark corners and reconfiguration meant open shelving and display areas and the quantity of countertop space doubled! Additional lengths and a mobile prep island contributed to this success. A smaller table at the east end of the kitchen conceals a double sided bookshelf housing a stellar exotic cookbook collection.

 “I was very satisfied with the design process and team. Organization is excellent, good communication since it’s important to stay informed.”

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