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Calgary Inner City In-Fill Residential Custom Home

The Challenge:

The opportunity in the inner city in-fill business can be challenging. With a surplus of option available to the consumer your model has to stand out. The space planning needs to utilize each square inch, maximizing your storage and living spaces. One needs to provide the buyers the tools to visualize the finished product and see themselves living in the space. The modern family wants common areas where everyone is involved: kitchen, dining and living. Presenting value added suite that will sell fast was the mission.

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The Design Solution:

With the floor plans previously established an interior palette and finishes that were conducive to modern, low maintenance living were selected. Resale and appealing to a large portion of the buying community was always front of mind. A neutral warm grey with glossy cabinets and a wood floor keeps the spaces friendly. Carpeting on the stairs and basement reduces noise and maintenance. Staging a suite with furniture, artwork and accessories can be wonderful tool to help a prospective buyer visualize how the space can be furnished. The goal is simple: to portray the ideal space and ensure sales in a timely manner.

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