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“Traffic is backing up in my clinic since I’ve implemented additional safety protocols. How can I increase revenues in my dental practice again?”

Running a Dental Clinic is hard; thriving in our ‘New Normal’ is even harder. But don’t panic, because it’s totally doable – especially when you’re using expert strategies to get things moving again.
Jennifer Brown of Decca Design Inc. and her team have been creating efficient clinic workflow for over 20 years. Traffic Management, the second strategy in “5 Easy Strategies to Navigate the New Normal and Beyond”  can help improve your clinic flow, efficiency and productivity.

Let’s talk about 3 effective ways to get your clinic moving by eliminating wait time at the reception desk, adding wayfinding signage and improving entry and exit processes.

Eliminate Reception Desk Wait Times

The reception desk is a common place for traffic to back up. Patients wait to check in and to be seen. If you can get enough information ahead of the appointment that you would normally get at the reception desk you could eliminate wait time. Use email or text to communicate with your patients so they know what to expect and what the entry procedures are, that way they will feel in control and can expedite their entry.

Wayfinding Signage

Your patients are you greatest asset. Use visible branded signage to show them what to expect, where to go or inform them they can now digitally check in over here. Put the power in the hands of your patients who then experience independence and confidence in their visit.

Entry and Exit Processes

Improve entry and exit processes by arranging your clinic with one pathway for entry and one pathway for exiting if your clinic space permits. Include all technology, sanitary wipes and signage needed for that pathway to flow.

Once you eliminate wait time at the reception desk, add wayfinding signage and improving entry and exit processes your clinic will flow more efficiently because it is crafted for the movement of your “New Normal” workflow. You can increase the number of patients through your clinic while giving a better patient experience. At Decca Design Inc. we call this RODI, Return on Design Investment. Make your clinic prosper by investing in design that works for you, your staff and your patients.

Download “5 Easy Strategies to Navigate the ‘New Normal’ and Beyond.”to find more ways design can improve your clinics’ bottom line.

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