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 What kitchen layout will inspire your inner chef?

Have you ever felt like all you needed for your culinary skills to flourish was the right kitchen? No matter what kind of cook you are (or what kind you aspire to be), the perfect kitchen layout is out there for you.

Food for thought:

There are many things to consider before you choose the perfect kitchen style. The space available is a major one! Unless you’re willing to expand your space, this aspect will be a huge deciding factor on what kitchen type is available to you. An efficient space means an efficient cook.

Other considerations include:

  • Budget, budget, budget!
  • Storage requirements
  • Time available to cook
  • Number of cooks in the kitchen
  • Appliance preferences

 L-Shaped kitchen


For the modestly sized kitchen space.

This layout can be achieved in almost any space but is optimal in apartments or condos. Not every kitchen can afford enough space for the addition of an island, so this is where the L-shaped kitchen is a top design choice.

A well-designed L-shaped kitchen layout can provide ample counter space, with or without an island. The shape provides great flow and efficiency for any cook. 

I-Shaped kitchen


The minimalist kitchen.

I-shaped kitchens extend along the length of one wall to optimize the space as much as possible.

Fancy a sink built into an island? This is the design for you! Space allowing, the addition of an island enhances this layout option by providing more counter space for prep and the option to move appliances around to suit your needs.

The excellent use of islands, counter space and cabinets make this an affordable kitchen style great for a smaller space.

In addition, choosing small or slender appliances can further enhance the space available. 

U-Shaped Kitchen


Perfect space for the energetic cook.

The chef who chooses this kitchen doesn’t have to worry about an island getting in the way!

Not only does the U-kitchen style offer plenty of counter and storage space but the option to upgrade to larger appliances is available. To make this the most efficient space possible, the U-shaped kitchen uses the appliance triangle. The working triangle offers close proximity between the range, sink and fridge.

Everything is within arms reach for the busy cook as they create culinary masterpieces!

 C-Shaped kitchens


Excellent for the busy cook.

C-shape kitchens dazzle with their excellent layout and efficient use of space. The middle area is kept clear for the busy cook to jump between prep areas and cooking tops. The use of the appliance triangle is also a key aspect of this layout.

With space available, appliance upgrades are definitely an appealing option – even professional series can be added to this kitchen for the experienced cook.

An attached peninsula completes this design and offers extra storage, increased counter space and seating!

With so many design options to entertain, an interior designer can alleviate the design burden and help tackle the small details of renovating your space into your dream kitchen. Decca Design’s 7 step design process eases the stress of finding your kitchen style and transforming your space.

Check out our kitchen examples in our Portfolio Gallery at decca-design.com

If you would like to discuss your kitchen layout options please book a complimentary Design Exploration Call today at decca-design.com/contact-us/. Fill out the form and we look forward to connecting.

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