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New Residential Products:

In recent days we all seem to be spending a lot more time within the confines of our homes.  This has resulted in many to rethink their spaces or desire a change or update.

Some of these new products can be easily incorporated to enhance your home.


Ceramic Tile

These plain and textured tiles are available in 3″ x 12″ pieces. You can use these wall tiles in light
commercial spaces and residential.

For more information contact :
Lois Hedin
Architectural & Design Representative
C: 403-862-8440
E: lhedin@centura.ca
7360-12th Street SE
Calgary, AB, T2H-2Y4
T: 403.259.0106
F: 403.255.7743

Check out: https://www.centura.ca

Cabinet Hardware

Berenson Hardware
Swoop Series:
These chrome contemporary pulls come in various sizes.

For more information contact:
Nadine Hawkins
Phone: (403) 837-0365
Email: nadine@berenson.ca

Check out: https://www.berenson.ca


Smooth and Silky flawless , scratch resistent with an ultra-matte finish.
This is a high pressure laminate and not a top layer. It is impact resistant and highly durable and easy to clean eliminating those
annoying fingerprints

For more information contact :

Wanda Wessel  Western Canada Specification Manager
Phone: 604-347-8122
Email: wanda_wessel@panolam.com

Check out: https://www.panolam.com

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