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How the art of cooking is like designing. Designing spaces, like cooking, is a creative process. Both begin with an idea or concept followed by the planning and further exploration of available choices; and culminating in the refinement of materials or ingredients.  When completed successfully, the result will excite the occupants or please the consumer. “To Cook is to Design Food” – Ferran Adria At Decca Design Inc., we are forever critiquing or analyzing the cooking space.  Discussing the latest appliance or tool and how our designs need to bring improvements and efficiencies to this central hub of every home – the kitchen. Being cooks, we understand the fundamentals of this space.  We are better equipped to analyze what works and what doesn’t work.  We explore ways to enhance the “working triangle” (storage/preparation/cooking areas) of a typical kitchen.  As part of our design process, we complete a detailed inventory of your current cooking space.  Each cook is unique in their style, tools and methods.  A true measure of design success is when the finished kitchen optimizes the chef’s individual abilities. As with the recipe; execution determines largely the praise or failure of a dish; similarly – the plans and details contribute to the success of the built environment. We pride ourselves on detailed plans, processes and the Rev-it 3D tool to help with the visualizing of the finished product. As the Decca Design family, we appreciate the opportunity to sit face to face and share a dining experience together.  As with most families, this is an event for conversation, thanksgiving and connection. We would like to share a recipe from our cookbook “Tasty Designs”.

We encourage you to share “What’s on your Design Mind?” Until next time… Happy Cooking

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