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The first step in our process is to determine what the needs and expectations are from the client. We accomplish this with a series of questionnaires and discussions relating to how they currently live in the space, what is working and what is not working and what is on the “Dream List”.

We want to complete your project right the first time. By acknowledging your challenges, wants and needs, we will be able to design a space that is uniquely yours.

The overall success of your project will be based on the relationship that we can build together. The communication needs to be open and honest and be constant. By being able to voice your concerns or comments throughout the project will ensure your frustration is gone.

We received a call from this busy family, following a referral. They wanted to explore the renovation and interior design possibilities to bring order to their family and update the overall aesthetics of the home.

It is an exciting time to dream big and identify your biggest challenges!

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