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Starting a dental practice –  #8 – Planning Your Detail Decisions


A few more decisions to think about

This ties into the Decca Design Inc. fourth step of our process. Let’s talk about planning every detail.

Are you excited or anxious? Does it feel overwhelming?

Details and finishes

While we have been discussing the interior style and theme up to this point; we will now dive deep into the details and finishes that will compliment your practice and vision.

This is the stage to bring out your magazine clippings, Pinterest pins, websites, and photos and material you have been gathering for the overall finished look you want in your space. Decca Design Inc. can guide you through the hundreds of decisions you need to make at this step to make it come alive.

What style is congruent with your overall clinic culture?

What will ensure your patients will be calm and at ease in your space?

What will you do to appeal to all 5 of our senses?

The interior design is a significant component to the overall look and feel of the finished space and the budget requirements. We need to keep this top-of-mind when making these many decisions. Products can also affect the construction timeline based on installation requirements and deliveries.

Computer aided design

The creation of a complete CAD (computer aided design) package will contain the following elements:

  • Wall types and finishes
  • Door & Hardware schedule
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Appliances
  • Millwork is a significant component that will detail the cabinetry for each area and meet the functional requirements of these locations. Reception, staff, office and washrooms are just a few of the areas.
  • Ceiling types, features and overall layout
  • Features to be included in your space
  • Lighting layouts (both functional and decorative)

There are many decisions in the above list that all contribute to the overall style and function of your new clinic.

Let our years of experience guide you through this process.

It is an investment in time to create the clinic of your dreams. Your time is valuable.

Check out our website at decca-design.com. Here you can review our Portfolio Gallery and completed Projects.

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