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Starting a dental practice –  #7 – The Finer Details

Let’s continue to flush out the details

How are you feeling at this stage? Hopefully you are feeling less overwhelmed and can start to see your vision unfold. You have many components to be addressed in the big picture of opening up a dental practice. The design is only one part of your clinic’s success.

From the initial space planning diagrams, we will now be able to move onto the floor plan creation. This is transforming the process diagrams previously discussed into a layout with refinement and adjusting for the chosen equipment in each area. Equipment varies based on its space needs and the functional uses. Ergonomics are also a key item to be reviewed at this stage of the design process.

Allowing for future growth is also important to keep in mind. Will you be adding equipment as your practice expands? Are you starting with one unit and planning to add another unit in the coming years?

Finer details

Discussing the finer details of the plan at this stage will ensure you are satisfied with the flow and you and your staff’s ability to function efficiently within the space.

Approvals throughout the process are good checkpoints that track the progress and keep momentum for the project. At various stages the information can be communicated with other members of the design team to get their input and confirm that their scope of work is being accommodated accurately in the floor plan. These team members can include:

  • Dental equipment specialists
  • IT requirements
  • Sound and security

Decca Design Inc. uses 3D software to help you envision your space better. This is an excellent means to evaluate if all your initial needs have been captured in the floor plan. There will also be a level of confidence in your project and the anticipated outcome.

Hopefully you are starting to get excited about the evolving design and you are getting clarity on your vision. Clarity is a very powerful tool and will only help to drive the next level of design decisions.

We would love to hear about your ideas. Leave a comment below and let us know some of your vision ideas for your new clinic.

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