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Starting a Dental Practice – #5 – Site Survey


What information can you gain from a site survey?

The second step of the Decca Design Inc. process is completing a site survey. You might be thinking this is not necessary or I have already received the information from the landlord. Can we skip this step? Sometimes it is not possible to have a site survey. Maybe the site is not built out; however the opportunity presents itself, it is a valuable step in the design process. We discussed as-built drawings previously; lots of information can be gathered from these documents. The drawings will not always be accurate or complete. Drafting out the layout if no drawings were available can also be required. Being in the space is the first stage that allows everyone to envision the possibilities of the space. The features of the space can drive the design such as window placements, plumbing and electrical rough-ins and entrances.

Photos and measurements

Confirming measurements is a large part of the site survey process. We take photographs for future reference and become visually aware of the nuances and unique aspects of the space that will need to be integrated into the design. These visits can also determine where money will be required in the budget. Are there existing services or features that can be worked into the design? Are there elements of a renovation that could be reused or repurposed?

With accurate information at the beginning, it should ensure minimal surprises later on with your project in reference to site conditions. If you thought this post was helpful please leave a comment.

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