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Your RODI, Return on design investment, can be quantified in time saved, downtime eliminated and time gained. In this article we’ll show you how, based on the hundreds of design projects done with Decca Design Inc.

One doctor cut his patient appointments from 3 hours on average to 1.5 hours through effective clinic layout and design. Now his patients get great care without the wait and his office gives healthcare with the confidence that an effective work flow brings. What can great interior design do for you?

Let’s talk more about how interior design can save you time, eliminate workplace downtime and even creates quality time and what that really means for you.

Effective work flow can increase your number of clients per day. When you have the right people in spaces designed specifically for their success, your productivity will soar saving you unnecessary time. Here’s one example of hundreds of possible tweaks. Your staff might be more effective with a printer at their fingertips or they might benefit by having a printer in a central area. Making the most effective choice for your work flow will reduce wasted time. By allowing your space to improve your processes you will increase employee performance and ultimately increase your results in less time.
Does your equipment regularly break down costing you time? Frequent service of essential equipment is a major factor in your workplace productivity. Have you provided adequate space to service and vent critical hardware? Making space for these regular operations will save you time and ensure your productivity never decreases. Create the right space for your technology to keep performing at its peak. Less technology problems means less wasted time and you can focus on your client (patient).
Invest in space for staff break times. Revitalize your staff regularly with a great space and great coffee within your office so you and your staff don’t need to take trips to the nearby coffee shop. By having breaks together you are building great team. Strong company culture attracts the best staff, reduces turn-over and increases employee retention. Great employees are a cornerstone to your company’s success. Design a space you want to be in that helps you and your staff flourish together. Your space can facilitate long healthy work relationships.
When you invest in office design to save you time; your return is serving more clients with excellence. Your design can eliminate technology downtime and unnecessary delays. Your return on a great break space is keeping your team sharp; ready to take on anything. Imagine your office space is as effective as it can be. What would you do with your extra time?

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