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Your RODI, Return On Design Investment, can be quantified in money saved, productive employees and increased profitability. In this article we’ll show you how, based on the hundreds of design projects, we have been able to achieve these results for our clients.

Small improvements in your environment can make your space function efficiently and allow for greater production. Saving minutes on repetitive tasks can add hours of production for you and your staff.

What can great design do for you?

Let’s talk more about how interior design can save you money, attract the best employees and even increase profitability and what that really means for you.



Your staff turnover can become a thing of the past when design supports the daily functions of your staff and supports them as a valuable person in your organization. With a positive environment your staff will come to work happier and will be more engaged. The results for you are a loyal, stable team dedicated to taking care of our customers. Do you have a staff space that allows them to rejuvenate, refresh and reenergize? By caring for your people you will impact positively impact your bottom line.



We have all heard that a productive employee should be able to generate a minimum of three times their salary. Is your space attracting the best workers for your business? The money output to attract, onboard and train a new employee is a significant cost. What measures do you have in place to ensure you will attract the best person for your organization. Your work environment can present an atmosphere of productivity, teamwork and efficiencies. Have spaces been designed to support the tasks of the individual? Ensure your space is presenting it’s best foot forward in one of the many features your potential new hires will be evaluating



The best way to increase your profitability may be to own your space instead of rent and contribute to someone else’s bottom line. The opportunity to create your own space can not only bring more efficiencies, growth possibilities but have a positive impact on your bottom line and create yourself an asset that will pay dividends for years to come.

How could you benefit from owning your space?

How could that create a legacy for years to come?

What kind of return could you see on investing in your location?



When you invest in office design save you money, attract the best employees and even increase profitability. Your return on a well designed break space is keeping your team sharp; ready to take on anything. Imagine your office space is as effective as it can be.

What would you do with more money in your business?

What would you do with the return on your design investment?

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