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Return of Design Investment

Return on investment (ROI) is an approximate measure of an investment’s profitability.
Design is an investment, when done right, yields a significant return of time, money and quality of life, which we at Decca Design Inc. like to call RODI, Return on design investment.
Do you want to have everything you need at your fingertips and have your daily tasks feel seamless while being inspired to live your best life? This is RODI.

Let’s talk more about how design can bring a positive return to your life at home, in the office or in a clinic.

Consider a hotel bedroom that is essentially a sanctuary for sleep? It doesn’t have the clutter of all your things. The bed and bedding are made for a great rest. You sleep and wake well rested. Your bedroom’s many details can be designed to foster a great sleep which then provides you with the energy needed to tackle every day at your best.

Have you ever looked around at work and wondered where all your staff are, only to find out they just “popped out” to grab a latte? Designing a coffee bar in your staff space, that provides great coffee, can save your staff time, nurture your company culture and promote collaboration. It saves time, which in turn saves you money.

As an authority in dental and medical design, we at Decca Design Inc. witness how, in a clinic, great design can increase staff efficiency, track inventory, and increase the number of patients seen in a day. This not only benefits the clinic’s bottom line, but also supports positive patient experiences, ensuring they return again and again, bringing stability to the practice.

Design impacts every aspect of your life by removing barriers; so you are free to live your best life.

Want to know more about what great design can do for you? Check out our website www.decca-design.com.

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