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Lesley Colburn-Swartz  from Pro Plant Care – Happy Moss Factory


What does your office and gardening have in common? Maybe nothing but maybe it should. Gardening is one of the top hobbies we humans gravitate to, to relieve our stress. How about hiking and camping? Again, we head to the trails and camp sites to recharge our batteries. What can we do to help bring nature into the places we spend most of our lives? Bring in Biophilia; this word explains the “pull” for humans to connect with nature. Live tropical plants and preserved moss can do just that.

Bring in Plants to work, that WORK

The ROI: Plants have long been researched by universities across the globe and research facilities like NASA and show
plants may reduce:

    •  Indoor air pollutants/toxins (e.g., formaldehyde) by 87% within 24 hours!
    •  Airborne molds and bacteria by 50-60%
    • Headaches and sore, dry throats by 30%
    • Noise by 5 decibels

And show plants can enhance:

•  customer’s perception pf product quality by 30%          • employees’ productivity by 12% or 3.6 days/employee
• customers’ and employees’ feelings of well-being by 84%
• tenant occupancy and retention by 17%
• customers’ willingness to stay and pay 12% more for goods
• recruitment and retention of top employees
• reaction time by 12% on computer tasks
• positive emotions and diminish negative emotions

See www.proplantcare.com for more information

Bring in Moss, it’s the BOSS

The ROI: Moss Walls are a form of Biophilic Design that incorporates elements from nature into artwork, interior design, and architecture. Benefits range from reduced stress to enhanced creativity to clarity of thought and general well-being at home and at work. All of the aesthetic value that plants bring into an environment listed above, with the exception that if it is preserved, there are no watering requirements or lighting requirements. Reindeer Moss Walls bring a sense of fashion, personality, and color to the scene by achieving extraordinary colors juxtaposed with natural texture. See www.HappyMossFactory.com for some more examples.

More Information and Pricing:

If you would like to learn more about these exciting new products and trends, please contact 

Lesley Colburn-Swartz B.Comm, I-CHT

phone:  403-320-0030

email: lesley@proplantcare.com or happymossfactory@gmail.com

If you are needing some inspiration, check out our website at www.decca-design.com or Pinterest.com. We can be found at Decca Design.

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