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Marathon Hardware introduces a new line of cutlery organization trays called the M-Series. They have expanded their line of economical vacuum thermoformed trays is now available. Made in Germany, M-Series trays are a high-quality improvement to the standard thermoformed options on the market. Boasting three on-trend finishes – Silk White and Matte Grey textured to match or complement drawer interiors.


Types of AREA Trays:

Cutlery Tray (04-AREA-CT)

A multi-section divider that accommodates most small cutlery and allows for separations of each size and function. The tray is a must-have for every kitchen.

Utility Tray (04-AREA-UT)

The utility tray has multiple large divided sections. These trays offer a way to properly organize large utensils, including spatulas, ladles, and anything else that is too big to fit in a standard cutlery divider.

Spice Tray (04-AREA-ST)

The large Area spice tray is perfect for homeowners that love to experiment with international cuisine. Now they can dedicate an entire drawer or a large section of a wide drawer to their vast collection of spices.

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