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Milliken  – Floor Coverings

Milliken recently released two new beautiful collections – “The Space Between” and “Six Pack 101”.


The Space Between

Balanced delicately between commercial, residential and hospitality design, The Space Between pulls from handmade traditional printmaking techniques featuring rustic patterns with textural nuances. The saturated pigment of natural vegetable dyes influences the vibrant colorations. The latest collection from Milliken features two new patterns utilizing advances in both tufting and color application, layering a time-worn aesthetic with leadingedge manufacturing technology in ways that feel at home in any environment.

Six Pack 101

Complementary colors come together to create a hypnotic mosaic effect. Gradients add a subtle dimension to the overall design.

With PrintWorks™ capabilities bring detailed artistic visions to life. Take advantage of PrintWorks™ ultimate color flexibility and unique patterning in precise registration and see what’s possible in the new age of carpet design.

You can easily modify the colors in any of the Six Pack patterns.

  1. Simply choose the color you want to change and replace with your color of choice. Each letter represents one color in the design.
  2. You can use almost anything to reference for the colors you want to change (color reference tools, paint chips, other Milliken products, etc.)
  3. Reach out to your Milliken Flooring representative to request a sample.

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