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Love Your Rugs – Area Rug Essentials

An Area Rug for your space encounters many decisions.  An area rug significantly can improve the overall appearance and feel of any room.  It can be the perfect solution to hide unpleasant or damaged floors, or protect your feet from a cold floor temperature.  But there are a few factors to consider when choosing an area rug to suit the needs and compatibility with your space.  A few are Style, Pattern, Colour, Size, budget and Pile.  Our guest blogger discusses a few of these considerations in the following post.




Guest Blogger – Katherine Leavens  For Design Group – Calgary

The most important consideration in buying a rug is finding something that “has a beating heart and is going to please you every time you look at it,” – John Kurtz, former host of the PBS show Art Underfoot



We recommended that you try to buy the best rug your budget will afford. Set your budget and add 10 percent so that you have some flexibility. Think of your wool rug is a great investment as its luxurious look will last for years without showing signs of ageing. Wool rugs wear well and your feet will love it! Wool fibres have a higher rate of stain resistance as it has a natural light lanolin coating which prevents dirt and stains from penetrating deeply.

Sisal, jute and grass rugs look great and cost less, but are really difficult to clean and won’t last long. If you spill red wind on it – the rug is toast.


Choose a rug that is two feet shorter than the smallest wall in the room. For our bare front hallway, swing open the front door and then measure the floor from that point, so the first three feet or so remain clear. Hall rugs should have at least six inches of floor showing on all sides.

Dining room rugs should extend at least 18 inches beyond the edge of the table so that the rug accommodates the dining chairs. In bedrooms, try runners at each side and even the foot of the bed, or place a rug one-third of the way under the bed so the rest of the rug creates a nice mat at the bottom of the bed.

Most people use a 5×8 or a 9×12 area carpet in their living rooms. 5×8 area carpets can go in front of your sofa with no furniture on it other than the coffee table. When using larger sized area carpets, it is best to have the front legs of your furniture on the rug.

CM Hospitality

Have you ever thought– I love that carpet but wished it was an area rug? Now you can with CM Hospitality. You can take any standard running Broadloom and bind it with nylon, drill/twill, fabric, leather.
Check out: https://www.cmhospitality.com/running-lines/

EGE Carpets


These folks have Designer Brands in Nylon or Wool and you can order as little as 1 meter.
The Ege/Atelier collection is just mind blowing. We have just shown you a few:


Rewoven Beige

Papillions Grisblues

Iron Beige


Blossom Grey


Most of these Area Rugs are made in Holland. They are hand-knotted, hand-woven, and hand-tufted. Take a look at their 10 inspiring lines.
Check out: http://www.brinkandcampman.com/

ART of FLOORS – Unleash your Creativity

Design directly from the website
Design with your own pattern
Wool or Wool/Tencel blend in a hand tufted construction
Choice of Hand tufted or Hand knotted construction
Can be dropped into a room scene for a visual check

Check out: artoffloors.com

Guest Blog Courtesy of                     Katherine Leavens – for Design Group   Katherine@ fordesigngroup.com

If you are needing some inspiration, check out our website at www.decca-design.com or Pinterest.com. We can be found at Decca Design.

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