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This Dentist’s Work Quality of Life was Revitalized by His New Clinic Design and Yours can too.

Do you want your staff engaged in their work and thriving?

Do you want your customers so happy leaving an appointment that they tell others how great it was?

Do you want to leave your work day refreshed, still full of enthusiasm for the job?

Does it sound impossible?

We Get it.

We’ve all worked in a space that wasn’t made for our needs, we don’t notice how tight corners or lack of effective storage pile up daily frustrations at work. It’s not impossible to love your job. Your space has a major impact that often goes unnoticed until it’s changed. We can build an office space that emphasises your strengths and gives you much needed support. Meet Dr. Gibb Fitzner. He did just that with the help of Decca Design Inc. and you can too.

 “It was the best decision ever to open a NEW clinic”, Dr. Gibb Fitzner

The changes have been extreme as this dentist built and relocated his office to a new facility designed by Decca Design Inc.   “Before I built my clinic I worked in a dark, gloomy office with no light and it was not joyful coming to work each day”.  The improvements have grown his bottom line with the attraction of new patients, staff retention and the increase in quality of work life and environment.


 “I believe our new clinic gives us a competitive edge. My new clinic is a free standing building on its own and it’s very easy for people to find”. Dr. Gibb Fitzner

Instrument flow, cleaning and sanitizing procedures and better inventory management have also contributed to the clinic’s success.
“With our new bin set-up, it’s easy to visually scan our inventory. I like to purchase in bulk, so this saves us money and reduces the chance of doubling up on orders or product expiring”.



The people from patients to staff and to the Dr. himself are thriving in this new environment.

The people from patients to staff and to the Dr. himself are thriving in this new environment.

“I see the most value in how my quality of life has improved since building a new clinic– I’m happy – It’s a great place to go every day and I enjoy coming to work”

Your space can make your clinic, your office and your people thrive. Elevated office design did it for Dr. Gibb Fitzner and it can do it for you.

Your space can make you, your business, and your people thrive. Design can address many issues that affect the users of your environment. Happy people produce better results, deliver a great user experience and support your bottom line.

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