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76% of Americans have suffered a particularly unpleasant experience in a public restroom due to the condition of the facilities. That’s bad news for businesses since Americans say they judge establishments based on the state of their restrooms.

In addition, 58% of Americans are unlikely to return to that business where they encountered an unclean or unpleasant restroom and 34% say they would leave without purchasing what they came for. Unclean restrooms result in losing today’s sale and future business.


Some of the things that really aggravate public restroom users are no surprise. The number one aggravation is clogged or not flushed toilets, which is followed closely by empty or jammed toilet paper dispensers. These provide an opportunity for a business owner to key in on the things that people want to see (or not see!) in a public facing restroom.

Americans also pay more attention to their handwashing habits in response to flu outbreaks, where almost 80% of Americans said they wash their hands more frequently, more thoroughly or longer after using a public restroom.  Make sure your restrooms are clean and well stocked to accommodate the additional handwashing needed at this time.

The good news for facility managers or business owners, is that 73% of Americans have made a conscious decision to use a particular business over similar options because it has cleaner, well-maintained restrooms.  The reward is more spending and repeat business, especially from the Millennial and Gen X demographic





All-in-one handwashing solutions like the Washbar® continue to solve the most common frustrations in public restroom such as walking across wet floors and reaching over someone to access the soap dispenser.

In fact 85% of Americans find all-in-one handwashing solutions to be extremely or very appealing.




• Use quality products (touchless where possible)
• Keep the supplies well stocked
• Keep it clean
• Enjoy repeat business


2020 Bradley Corporation Healthy Hand Washing Survey.  All information under copyright of Bradley Corporation

Guest Post Courtesy of Allan Forrest Sales Ltd.

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