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BODAQ Interior Film is an award winning, high-quality surfacing material used to renovate and enhance the appearance of various surfaces within commercial and residential properties. The film comes in a wide range of patterns, colors, and textures, allowing creation of unique and visually appealing spaces.

Advantages of Bodaq Interior Film:

  • Air Bleeding Structure:

Commercial-quality, self-adhesive backed vinyl surfacing film is designed for ease of installation. The air-channeled adhesive simplifies the process, reduces waste, and saves time.

  • Excellent Flexibility:

Transform any indoor space, from ceilings to walls, fire doors to partition doors, and even curved or compound surfaces. Bodaq Interior Film adapts seamlessly to your design vision.

  • Awesome Patterns: 

Immerse yourself in a world of diverse patterns and textures. BODAQ architectural film is your canvas for creating breathtaking interior spaces that cater to your clients’ unique preferences and purposes.

  • Eco-Friendly & Certified:

Their commitment to sustainability is unwavering. BODAQ film meets rigorous international standards, including ASTM E 84 Test, Heavy Metal Test, Antimicrobial Activity Test, and more.


Commerical Applications

Residential Applications

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