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New Product Commercial – Flooring

Looking for change in your flooring to reflect our own personality and brand? We’ve put together some new intriguing flooring for you that may spark some interest.


Patcraft Handloom is a pleasing alternative to the wood or stone Luxury Vinyl Tile. This particular resilient tile product has been created to reflect the imperfection of organic textiles. Handloom comes in 2 styles – Painted Weft and Wooden Warp both available in 9” x 36” tiles and some selections with a touch of color.

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Milliken LVT/Abstract Collection has a very unique contemporary feel and offers very appealing textures that can be paired effectively with other selections. There are several lines to choose from, Polished Concrete, Tangible, Sensations, Tactual, PowerGrid, Eero and Immersive.

Primco’s Expona Design presents authentic heavy commercial floors coverings that provide a variety of textures and shades. A clever way to break up the monotony of flooring. These tile are available in 30 colors, provide PUR no wax, no finish, low maintenance, and R10 slip resistance.

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