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Decca Design’s Secret Sauce: The 7 Step Design Process

Step 7 Celebrate!

Why this is important

You’re part of the Decca Design family now!           

The process of transforming your dream space is more than just decisions, project management and interior design. We use the design process to help you to manage the many decisions that must be made to transform the project. Try as we might to simplify it for you, sometimes it can be difficult, and emotions can run high. Since we are always on your side and willing to step in to simplify problems and find solutions, by the end of the project, we will feel like family!

It’s time to celebrate

Your journey with Decca Design has just started! We want to take a moment to celebrate everything that you’ve accomplished in your new space. You, our team, and the contractors can take a moment to appreciate the brand-new space that is uniquely yours!

We have been in our new space for 9 months now and the time has flown by. We absolutely love the functional space and feel like celebrating it everyday! Thank you, Decca Design” – SS

The benefits of step 7

Just because the project is over, doesn’t mean our relationship is!

Even though the design process is finished, the Decca design team is only a phone call away if you h

ave any questions, concerns or would like our design advice. We value our current, past and future clients and creating meaningful relationships is one of Decca Design’s core values. The process of creating your new space will be an adventure you can share with your friends, family, coworkers or clients.

Now let’s take a moment to celebrate the successful completion of our design process!

Make your house feel like a home or transform your business space into an inspiring and efficient place to work. Whatever your space is used for, we can make your interior design dreams come true. Let us show you how our 7 step design process will meet and exceed your needs and expectations!

We want to know what’s on your Design Mind! Please leave us a comment below.

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