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Decca Design’s Secret Sauce: The 7 Step Design Process

Step 4 Planning Every Detail

How it works

Weekly meetings are scheduled at the Decca Design office to review design elements and explore the many options your specific space offers. Over the course of approximately eight weeks, we’ll guide you through every facet of your interior design. With our assistance you will choose products with ease and confidence.

How we manage our client’s needs and expectations

Let us guide you through some of the decisions such as plumbing, electrical and millwork.

Too much information all at once can lead to frustration and even burnout. That’s why our weekly meetings are kept to 60-90 minutes. This allows us to help you move through the numberous decisions needed to create your dream space.

The benefits of step 4

We’ll take the frustration out of the planning so you can enjoy watching your space come to life!

The system we set up in step 4 purposefully takes you through the decision-making process at a manageable pace so you don’t feel overwhelmed. We recognize that your time is important, so we have set up our office as your one-stop-shop for all the information and resources you require to make decisions. Our Exacting Project Control System will help you make the required choices. More importantly, with our experience and expertise this process will become fun.

The Decca Design services, and process should be used by everyone! The planning stage saved us so much time and energy by not having to run around to look at options. The design team had us covered with their project control system binder; everything we needed was there. The team is fantastic! – FH

Make your house feel like a home or transform your business space into an inspiring and efficient place to work. Whatever your space is used for, we can make your interior design dreams come true. Let us show you how our 7 step design process will meet and exceed your needs and expectations!

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