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Decca Design’s Secret Sauce: The 7 Step Design Process

Step 2 Site Survey

What it is

After agreeing on the Decca Design Inc. proposal, you can sit back and relax while we head out to do a site survey. This is an inspection of the proposed area of work. We’ll gather information, take measurements and pictures and compile a layout for the scope of the design. There will be no surprises here! Following the site survey, we will inform you on all by-laws or code review that affects your project.

Our experienced team has an excellent eye for these tiny details!

How we manage our client’s needs and expectations

This is were our project management skills come into play!

The site survey allows us to determine any possible obstacles, challenges or concerns that the space may present as we work through this project with you. Completion of the inspection gives us a starting point to the design process!

The pictures taken during this phase will be the ‘before’ photos and a  great reference as the design progresses. These will be kept in a project specific binder to gather the information and decisions relating to your project.

  Your ability and confidence to offer creative, yet practical advice and handle every stage of the process calmly and efficiently is what allowed me to put my complete faith in the Decca Design team – PT

The benefits of step 2

While this step allows us to determine possible difficulties we may encounter, it also gives our design team a chance to identify the design possibilities. Our team is constantly on the look out for ways to be creative and make use of all the unique features of the space.

This step is vital in allowing us to identify possible obstacles, challenges or concerns that will affect the timeline and design layout. We will use this information to keep the project on track, on budget and on design!

Make your house feel like a home or transform your business space into an efficient inspiring place to work. Whatever your space is used for, we can make your interior design dreams come true. Let us show you how our 7 step design process will meet and exceed your needs and expectations!

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