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What is your vision for your new clinic?

This defines the first step of Decca Design Inc.’s seven step process. We are looking to get a clear idea of what your needs and expectations are for your new space. Here we want to identify the challenges and opportunities that your space presents.

What type of practice will you have? What are the things on your wish list for your new practice? What kinds of things will make the space uniquely yours? Have you had a previous clinic?

Are there take-aways from the experience that you would like to apply to this new adventure? Maybe you are currently employed in another clinic and have analyzed what works and what are the things you would change if you were starting from scratch.

What works successfully that you will want to implement in your own practice? These observations are great starting points to evaluate what items should be duplicated and what areas you would like to see have improvements. What are your clinical processes that need to be managed and identified during the design process?

Have you considered the type of company culture you want to build? How can the design of the space enforce your company values? What will the staffing needs be?

Have you considered what kind of patient experience you want to provide? What are the elements of your clinic that will put them at ease when they enter your space?

What are your top three expectations of your clinic?

  • Efficiency & Production?
  • Aesthetics?
  • Staff contentment?
  • Work flow?

This is a long term decision. Have you considered your growth plans? What are your timelines for retiring, selling the practice or implementing a succession plan?

Is there now an established budget to be aware of?

I challenge you to write down your ideas on what you see in your dream clinic. Bring your vision to life by visualizing the perfect space. What does it look like, smell like, sound like, feel like?

Do you want help to make this space a reality?

Book a complimentary Design Exploration call by filling out the contact form at www.decca-design.com/contact.

We look forward to connecting with you.


We appreciate hearing your thoughts and “What’s on your Design Mind”?

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