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Adding the finishing touches

This represents the sixth step in Decca Design Inc’s seven step process. Your vision is completed with the finishing touches and you can personalize the space. All of your hard work is paying off! You can see the finish line.

We are able to source the furniture, furnishings and coordinate the installation of the equipment necessary to complete your clinic.

Suppliers can install their hardware and finish any setup still required to be functional. You can begin setting up your computers, telephone and office administrative components of your business.

Your staff will be able to get acquainted with the space as they stock the shelves with the essential supplies. There are lots of items to unpack and find a home for at this time. Many hands can help to shorten this process.

The furniture components such as waiting room, office furniture, task chairs and keyboards are all installed. The window coverings, blinds or film can be applied once all these surfaces have been cleaned.

Branding elements such as signage, logos, room identification signs, vinyl and glazing elements can be installed.

Artwork and accessories are the final pieces to complete the look and let’s your patients know you are ready to welcome them into your new facility.

I challenge you to walk into an office or clinic and not observe how these final elements can enhance or hinder the final built environment.

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