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Lighting… from my pawspective Lighting in our home is more important to me than you might think! A well-lit environment not only keeps me feeling secure but also helps you and me move around safely. Avoid harsh and glaring lights as they can be uncomfortable for my sensitive eyes. Instead, opt for soft, diffused lighting that creates a cozy atmosphere for both of us.   Natural light is the best! I love basking in the sunbeams, so make sure to leave some windows uncovered during the day. However, be cautious of direct sunlight hitting my favorite resting spots, as it can get too hot for me. Now, let’s talk about night lights. Placing night lights in hallways and common areas can prevent me from bumping into furniture or getting startled in the dark. It’s a win-win!   During festive seasons, when you decorate with fairy lights or candles, make sure they’re out of my reach. I can’t resist chewing on things, and those twinkling lights might look like tasty treats to me! One more thing, please consider my night vision when turning off lights at bedtime. A small dim light can help me navigate through the house during those late-night potty breaks without disturbing your sleep. Remember, thoughtful lighting choices in our home ensure a safe and comfortable environment for me, your four-legged friend! Talk soon ~ Jax We appreciate hearing your thoughts and “What’s on your Design Mind”?
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