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Woof, listen up, humans! Your garage might be an exciting place for you, but it can be a dangerous zone for me, your furry friend. There are several hazards in there that you need to be proactive about to keep me safe and out of trouble.

Firstly, those tempting chemicals and toxic substances you store on low shelves can be a huge threat. Keep them locked away in secure cabinets or placed high up where I can’t reach them. Antifreeze, pesticides, and motor oil are particularly dangerous for dogs like me.

Another concern is the clutter and sharp objects scattered around the garage. Nails, screws, and power tools can cause severe injuries if I accidentally step on them or decide to chew on them. Keep the garage tidy and organized, ensuring everything is safely stored.

And let’s not forget about the garage door. Always double-check before closing it to ensure I’m not nearby. Installing motion sensors can also prevent accidental entrapment.

To be proactive, designate a safe area or a dog-friendly corner in the garage where I can hang out while you’re busy. Stock it with my toys and a comfy bed so I won’t feel left out.

Remember, a little precaution goes a long way in keeping me, your beloved pup, out of harm’s way in the garage.

Safety first, always!


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