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Barking or talking is one of the main ways I communicate with my human and animal friends. When I bark, I’m not just making noise, I’m trying to tell you something. Sometimes, I bark to alert you of potential danger, like when I hear a strange noise or see someone approaching our home. Other times, I bark to express my excitement or enthusiasm, like when we’re going for a walk or playing fetch.

In addition to barking, I use a variety of other vocalizations and body language to convey my thoughts and feelings. For example, a low growl can be a sign of aggression or warning, while a high-pitched whine or whimper can signal distress or anxiety. When I wag my tail or lick your face, I’m showing affection and happiness.

It’s important for my human friends to understand my different vocalizations and body language so that they can respond appropriately and address my needs. If I’m barking excessively or inappropriately, it could be a sign that I’m bored, anxious, or in need of attention or exercise. It’s important to address these underlying issues instead of just trying to stop the barking.

I am not afraid to tell you what I think! I’m trying to express myself and communicate with you. Pay attention – I may be trying to tell you something important!

Check out my lastest video to hear me talking.

Talk soon – Jax

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