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As a dog, our initial greeting is an important part of our communication with other dogs and humans.

I like to make my presence known right away with a bark!

When I meet a new friend, I use my sense of smell to gather information about them, like their age, gender, and who they are. I may also use body language to signal my intentions, like a wagging tail or relaxed posture. First and foremost I am making sure that my people are protected. I still haven’t made up my mind on the courier driver….

For us dogs, a friendly greeting can be a sign of respect and trust, while a more hesitant greeting can signal caution or nervousness. So when I meet a new friend, I’m not just saying hello, I’m using all my senses to learn more about them and build a relationship based on trust and mutual understanding.

Please give me space when you meet me. Maybe just ignore me at first. I take a little while to warm up – but once I smell you and I know you are Ok we are going to be best buds!

I’ll be seeing you soon.

~ Jax

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