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Family Violence Hurts Everyone

November is Family Violence Awareness Month

Family violence is Complex

Family violence includes physical, verbal, emotional, financial and sexual abuse, neglect, stalking or being kept from seeing other people or forced to stay in one place.

It is difficult to obtain a complete picture of the extent of family violence in Alberta because it often remains hidden. Victims experience isolation, shame, embarrassment and humiliation. Victims may stay in abusive relationships because they are afraid the violence may escalate if they leave, or because friends and family may not support their decision to leave.

…. Taken from “Family violence hurts everyone: A framework to end family violence in Alberta. Prepared by the Alberta Government.

Everyone deserves to be free from family violence and be able to experience the healthy relationships that are a foundation to healthy lives.

Everyone has role in ending family violence.

Wear a purple ribbon to support and bring awareness to family violence.


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