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“Design unleashes the creativity within me”

Since his early childhood growing up on Lake of the Woods in Ontario, he has always pursued creative outlets. The idea of creating something that wasn’t originally there is exciting. From drywaller to framer to carpenter and general contractor, he has found avenues that have allowed him to express himself and generate something original.

He looks forward to the opportunities clients present to live out their own dreams and ideas. With this never-ending exploration of education and technology, he has been the driving force of the implementation and expanding resource of our digital endeavours. Establishing Decca Design Inc. as one the first firms in the city to convert to the Autodesk 3D platform of Revit has allowed us the ability to help ourselves and more importantly the clients to see their dreams. The ability to take a virtual tour of your future space is invaluable to many individuals that are not able to visualize the end result.

Always eager to bring his depth and years of experience to any project, he is an invaluable member of the Decca Design Inc. team.

Outside of work, Keith continues his creative endeavors by glass blowing and camping in the great outdoors for inspiration.

Those are Keith’s thoughts. “What’s on Your Design Mind?”






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