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Why give back?

As a business and as a team, Decca Design Inc. believes it’s essential to give back to our community and the people who support us. Now more than ever we need to be aware of how our activities are affecting others. 

  •         Are we being mindful of the effects of our actions?
  •         Are we finding ways to support our team internally? 
  •         Can we find avenues to embrace those in need outside our company?

In 2011, we embarked on a mission to collect gently used purses and fill them with feminine essentials. We’re pleased to celebrate the 11th anniversary and the many lives that have been touched by the Purses of Hope. Every year we put the call out to our outstanding architectural reps who always respond with an outpouring of support. These gifts of hope are distributed through many organizations who focus on helping women move forward.

 Today Decca Design Inc. continues to be a proud sponsor and drop-off location during the Purses of Hope annual campaign.

This campaign continues to grow and reach many women thanks to the never-ending efforts and determination of Judy Anderson and Betty Wasyluk.  For more information on the “Purses of Hope” please visit: pursesofhope.ca or follow them on Instagram @pursesofhopeyyc 


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