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Irina Park

Financial Operations



“I enjoy living, working and relaxing in beautiful, functional and efficient spaces and I believe the ability to combine all those features together is a true art..”

While certainly enjoying art and design, Irina’s passion lies in financial aspect of the business. Numbers don’t lie and always tell a story – the ability to read and understand this story is what she truly loves about her job. Having spent a few years travelling the world working for famous cruise lines with hundreds of people at a time, Irina truly loves working for a small family-owned company where everyone sincerely cares about each customer, going an extra mile to provide excellent service with a personal touch.

In her free time, Irina continues to explore Alberta with her family, learn photography and texture art. She can also be found in dog parks around Calgary where her Siberian Husky and Standard Poodle (and her toddler!) can burn off some energy.

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