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When was the last time you sat in your waiting room?

We are too busy as business owners to stop and observe our office and the surroundings that we are presenting to our clients.  But what is it costing us?

You could be losing clients and it could have little to do with the services you are providing. A fresh perspective could change everything… including your bottom line.

What type of experience are you creating for your customers?

  • How is the vibe, feel or atmosphere?
  • Are the colors current?
  • Is the office in need of some TLC?
  • Does it have a good (effective) lighting?
  • What does it smell like?

Have you ever stopped to think about how these factors could be affecting your clients and their desire to do business with you?  Could you be losing current or potential customers?  How does this impact your bottom line?

How they feel within your space is indeed one of the reasons that they choose to work with you.  There is plenty of competition out there in your industry – so what is setting your services apart from everyone else?

Often times we underestimate what the impact of a pleasing paint color, clean floors and comfy chairs can have with your clients.  People want to feel comfortable within your space and will speak about their experience and how you made them feel to a friend long before they will describe the services, good or bad, you have provided.

Design addresses all 5 senses.  It can be subtle or bold.  It can help orchestrate a wonderful experience for your clients; one that they will remember and want to talk about for years to come.

Are you willing to sit in your waiting room and take a hard, honest look at the experience you are creating?

We would love to hear your thoughts and “What’s on your Design Mind?”


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