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It’s always a boost to see flooring (with coordinates) with colorful, fresh clean colors for our healthcare projects. Colors affect us mentally and physically and these blue and green tones create a peaceful, calming environment.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Interface is creating products that have a positive impact on the people that use them.  All of Interface flooring products (carpet tile, LVT, and Nora®) are carbon neutral throughout their full product life cycle through a third party, Carbon Neutral Floors™ program.

The vinyl sheet flooring comes with amazing coordinating heat welds, which gives the appearance of a seamless floor. The excellent durability, low maintenance, stain and slip resistant quality works well in healthcare spaces.

The Interlaced Collection (Crossed, Meshed and Looped) has soft clean colors to provide a fresh look for all healthcare spaces.




Other colors and vinyl patterns are available. Check out the following link for further information.



Since Covid19 presented itself in 2019, we are all cleaning our offices/clinics/homes much more frequently and thoroughly. Many people have questioned how to clean guest chairs in the waiting rooms and other furniture in their clinics. Finding the proper upholstery that is cleanable and durable is key.

Tekloom has a brand new product category using a new technology that combines woven textile with a high performance characteristic of a coated fabric to create a fused textile. Tekloom prevents moisture, spills and stains from entering the textile layer.

Special characteristics:

  • World’s most durable textile
  • 1 Million double rubs with no change to surface
  • Bleachable cleanable (10:1)
  • Impermeable with moisture barrier surface
  • Ink and Stain Resistant
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Custom Designs
  • Healthcare, Hospitality, Corporate, Residential and Education uses.


Other colors and fabric patterns are available.

For more information contact: http://fordesigngroup.com/


There are so many things to think about (other than color) when picking paint. The VOC emissions and whether the paint can withstand continual cleaning and scrubbing are just as crucial as getting just the right color.

Echo Spec is the Benjamin Moore’s “greenest paint”

With low-and zero-VOC emissions, this may be a great option for Healthcare spaces.

VOC’s are Volatile Organic Compounds and some VOC’s are harmful when inhaled and may pose quality concerns for indoor environments.

What are VOCs?

  • Volatile organic compounds are chemicals used to manufacture and maintain building materials, interior furnishing, cleaning products and personal care products.
  • “Volatile” means that these chemicals evaporate or can easily get into the air at room temperature.

“Organic” means these chemicals are carbon based. The term “chemical emissions” refers to VOCs as they evaporate into the air from products.


For high traffic commercial areas, Scuff-X provides a high performance, on-component latex coating.  It offers superior durability, cleanability, and scuff resistant properties with no strong odor. It will hold up to repeated cleaning and scrubbing without causing any permanent damage to the paint.

For more information:


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