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Worry-free luxury and style with Vicostone – Quartz Surfaces

Whether you are investing in a new design for your home or commercial space, there are so many choices to make and things to consider during the process. Getting the most bang for your buck can be a concern for even the largest budget and we still want to make sure our choices will still stand the test of time and function for our space. Stone is one of the bests ways to add beauty, luster or a focal point in any design.


In recent years Quartz has becoming a common choice for hard surface designs for so many reasons. It is considered an engineered or manufactured stone, and it’s made by taking a selection of the hardest minerals, such as marble and granite, then removing some of the softer minerals and impurities, and finally combining them with the best polyresin to seal it together and give it strength. The new popularity of quartz can be attributed to the benefits of this process creating a product that is not only less porous, giving it anti-bacterial properties, but also a finish that is polished smooth and luxurious.

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More than ever, we are waking up to how our choices affect our environment. It’s comforting to know that none of the natural stone used to make quartz is quarried, but instead salvaged from granite, natural stone and marble waste. The final product requires very little maintenance and is both moisture and stain resistant, giving us peace of mind and effortless beauty.


When clients budget for projects it’s important to factor in the expected life span of the materials they choose and the type of function necessary in their space. Some of the things to consider, especially in public areas, is the ease of upkeep and strength of a material. Quartz is one of the most indestructible products on the market, as well as almost virtually maintenance free. This allows for peace of mind and reduces the likelihood of having to replace materials before their time. The only real concern with quartz is high heat. The minerals used to make quartz can stand up to heat but sadly the binders used to make it strong and non-porous would be damaged. The recommended maximum heat should not exceed 350 degrees, and only for a limited time, on any well engineered surface.

Variety of styles and finishes

The popularity of Quartz has also been driven by the large variety of styles and finishes that are now available. The market has had an almost insatiable appetite for natural looking stone and quartz is now able to recreate the look of real stone while allowing us to stay conscientious of our environmental footprint and not drain the resources from nature. The ability to design a stone allows quartz companies to cater to any market demand, opening up our options of style finish and colour to endless possibilities.

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Laura Vanhoutte

A&D Account Manager


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