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Welcome to The Design Mind where we, Decca Design Inc., have an opportunity to engage with you, our clients and friends, and share our design ideas and pass on our design knowledge.

As a design company, we are a creative group. We began by exploring the questions of “why do we love design?”, “what motivated and inspires us?”, “what is the driving force that propels us and provides purpose to our daily activities.”

Many years ago, as a group, we identified our “Why” as:

“Identifying and removing the barriers in our client’s environments that are preventing them from living their best lives.”

Decca Design Inc. is passionate about being a part of the solution that will benefit the end user. In many situations, people are not aware of how their built environment is directly affecting their productivity, effectiveness and overall mood or feelings. These factors are equally true for a work or personal living space. How the human factor interacts within four walls is important. As creatures of habit, we often don’t take the time to stop and think why we are doing the things we are doing – is there a better way? Or is my environment creating an obstacle to my success?

Are you a family with children that play sports? Do you constantly trip over the pile of athletic equipment at the back door because currently there is no place for these bags to live?

Is your desk laid out in such a way that allows you to complete your work efficiently, and in a timely manner – or do you have to get up and cross over to another space for essential information, tasks or to engage with a co-worker?

These are just a few examples of how your space is preventing you from performing your best.

We get excited when, as a group, we can help analyze these challenges, identify the solutions and execute a distinctive result that eliminates the original problem in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

We would love to hear from you and “What’s on your design mind?”


Until next time….





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