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Don’t worry… your space CAN make you happy!


Are you excited to go to work?

Does your workplace inspire you?

Does your environment support what you need to do your job effectively?

We don’t always relate our built environment to our state of well being but it can have a huge effect.

Today, let’s discuss your workplace experience.

When you’re not inspired in your workspace, it affects your energy, level of motivation and ultimately, your happiness. An inspirational work environment contributes to your excitement and performance. We’re all more productive in an inspirational work space that we’re proud to occupy eight hours a day.

Evaluate how your space makes you feel. Ensure it supports your mental and physical health, as well as your overall well-being. When you have more physical energy, more mental energy and more enthusiasm, you will have positive interactions with your staff and clients. Even more importantly, you will be a happier and healthier you. This happiness will spread throughout all aspects of your life. 

Design a better space to build a better life.

For over 20 years, Decca Design has helped doctors, dentists, and business owners create spaces that positively impact their bottom line, and deliver an exceptional user experience.

We want to ensure a return on your design investment, we call this RODI.

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