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Feeling achy, impatient and tired? It could be your workspace.

Are you scrunched over a desk, or sitting in a bad chair that does not support you?

Are you completing repetitive tasks in a non-efficient manner?

Are you contorting to complete an action that should require more space, or a different layout?

We don’t often associate our built environments as a factor in our health. It’s a huge influence.

Today let’s talk about ergonomics.

When you are working against your space, it will affect your health, how you feel at the end of the day, and over time; how your body responds to doing the same tasks. Many people work in spaces that have evolved based on need or are “make due” situations. Maybe you have inherited an area and never made it your own or the original place was not properly considered for the optimal job performance. Sometimes there simply isn’t enough space to be your best.

Now is the time to evaluate how improvements to your space, could have a positive effect on you and your staff’s health. Healthy people produce better which will increase your productivity. Reduced fatigue and injury will make for a happier employee and staff that feels cared for will be a loyal team for years to come.

A well designed space will support you and your job requirements, help you perform at your best and not jeopardize your health.

For over 20 years, Decca Design has helped doctors, dentists, and business owners create spaces that positively impact their bottom line, and deliver an exceptional user experience.

We want to ensure a return on your design investment, we call this RODI.

Until next time…We would like to hear what’s on your Design Mind?

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