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Design Services

New Construction & Renovations

Design is the nuts and bolts of creating both an optimized space, visual appeal and an exceptional occupant experience.

Interior Design Services

Your interior design plan begins with a detailed look at your current needs as well as your hopes for how you will use your new or remodeled space.

When designing your interior, we focus on how you will use the space to create the best flow. Then we shift our attention to the finishing details that add beauty and style.

We design with a commitment to sustainability. Your space is one of the most significant ways that you can make a positive impact on the environment and your overall health.

During our 7-step process, we will guide you through up to 1,500 decisions, covering every facet of your interior design and succinctly convey this information to the construction team.

Design & Drafting Services

Design & Drafting Services includes the preparation of construction documents for permit applications, budgeting, tender and execution.

Services can include the following items:




Functional Space


“I can’t believe we have been in the new space for 9 months now… it is a fantastic, functional space and everyone is very happy.

SS - Medical Office

Interior Styling / Decorating

Available either as a standalone service – or with our interior design services– our skills can turn your home or work place into a showpiece. Interior styling begins with a study of your preferences, tastes and overall style. We identify existing furniture and décor that will be moving with you. Armed with these insights, we then present an overall concept for your interior furnishings and décor, including hand-drawn sketches, renderings or sample finishes.

Styling includes all of the following:

FITTING (bedding, storage, organization)

Your furniture and furnishings will be scheduled for delivery and installation just as construction is complete.

Community Planning

Community planning and design encompasses the creation and management of the built environment of a neighbourhood – the buildings, streets, pathways, parks and natural spaces that shape a community.

This process is vital as it directly impacts the character, vibrancy, safety, and desirability of a neighbourhood. Detailed and intensive planning is required to create a comprehensive design for a desirable and livable community that meets the needs of all its inhabitants.


Take a look at these examples in our Community Planning projects portfolio.


Project Management 

The design decisions are made and now you are ready to decide who will build your home or work space. As part of the original planning team, we have a comprehensive working knowledge of your residential project and can ensure your design dreams are fully executed.

At Decca Design Inc. we have the in-house ability to continue the journey with you as a project manager and help you execute your project.

Project management is a fully transparent process. You are in the driver’s seat to control all aspects of your project’s budget and timeline.

What Does Project Management Include?

• Assembling quotes, contracts and insurance
• Coordinating permits, trades and inspections
• Scheduling of materials, trades and occupancy
• Budgeting, contract administration and tracking changes
• Turning over the project and warranties

Project Administration

If you’re hiring a general contractor rather than a project manager, we can act as your representative or liaison to ensure work is progressing on schedule.

This would typically include:

• Performing weekly site visits
• Monitoring overall project progress
• Adhering to project specifications
• Ensuring quality checks and inspections are completed
• Alerting you to any potential delays, cost overruns, or other issues that may arise
• Reviewing paperwork and invoices.

Hard Working Team


“The Decca team worked very hard to meet our budget and schedule – overall we are very happy with the finished product.

TI - Office Renovation

Let our Experience Help You.

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