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Community Planning

Community planning and design encompasses the creation and management of the built environment of a neighbourhood – the buildings, streets, pathways, parks and natural spaces that shape a community.


Community Planning & Infastructure

Community planning and design is so much more than a large design project. It’s about the creation of an environment in which people will raise their families and live their lives.

It’s more than single home design; it includes all of the spaces that shape a community. It is vital to shaping the character, vibrancy, safety and desirability of a neighbourhood.

Detailed, intensive work is required to develop a comprehensive design for any community to meet the needs its inhabitants.

Few commercial interior design firms have the experience to take on large-scale community development projects. Decca does.

We’ve designed multiple upscale subdivisions, providing:

•Conceptual design for multiple home styles
• Styling for entire subdivisions and the key features within such as amenity spaces, streetscape and entrances
• Design of supporting infrastructures

Take a look at examples in our Community Planning projects portfolio.