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Jennifer Brown


What Design Means to Me…

“Design is one element that can empower someone to live their best life.  Your surroundings contribute to your success.”


Following in her father’s footsteps, Jennifer grew up on construction job sites, where she learned all about building materials, individual trades, and most importantly, how to coordinate them all.

She has an extensive background in design, art and business, interior design, and CAD technologies. She also earned, and maintains, her LEED professional credentials (LEED AP ID+C). Advanced knowledge in green building means she can design healthy, durable homes and commercial spaces that use fewer resources and produce less waste.

Her passion for color, balance and aesthetically pleasing design is evident in all her projects, and in her hobbies: home improvement projects and painting landscapes. In fact, the Decca office showcases artwork by a few members of the Decca team.

But her greatest gift is her innate talent for organization. Her job is to alleviate the stress and pressure people inevitably encounter during a building project. In doing so, she becomes intimately familiar with every detail of the project. She knows every step of the journey and effortlessly guides her clients toward the finished product.

Jennifer loves the sheer variety of Decca clients and projects — from exploring the myriad of design possibilities to the challenge of working within your budget to achieve your dream. The one constant is her client-focused approach to her work, getting to know every client personally and making sure their finished space meets their every need.


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