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The Challenge:

Having outgrown a downtown office space and the years of paper heavy documents weighing them down, it was time to transition to a location closer to the hospital and expand the space to accommodate additional associates. A group of general surgeons required private offices and exam spaces to assess their patient’s recovery and to rebook for future follow ups. With a large admin staff working in not ideal configurations, this would be the perfect opportunity to redesign for the current and future needs.


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The Design Solution:

The Solution:

The second floor corner of a medical building would become home to this new facility. Close proximity to the hospital was established and the design and build out of the space began. A new layout comprising of  private offices, exam rooms, a large admin space to house many staff members and other supporting areas including central nurses station and document assembly area, large staff room with lockers, bathroom and a presentation screen for training purposes was established. New exam rooms were equipped with cabinetry, beds and essential vitals equipment. Versatile cubicles would complete the admin area and a large waiting room would serve this busy clinic. Lots of natural light, low maintenance finishes and new landscape inspired artwork make this an enjoyable space for both employees and patients alike.

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