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Interior Design Challenge For a Calgary Commercial Services Provider

The Challenge:

It was exciting to embark on a new journey; and for this ophthalmologist it was to create her own clinic. She wanted to apply her years of experience in other clinics to a space of her own. Bringing about her own production efficiencies would require new procedures and a space conducive to the patient experience she was looking to deliver. Finding a desirable location with good patient parking was important; the construction constraints were many. The list of requirements for the space was long and the shape would prove to be the largest challenge. The clinic would require three exam rooms and five testing spaces. Washrooms, staff space, reception would be removed from the testing areas. Fifty percent of the patients are children requiring a creative and entertaining kids area. Accommodating for the children’s needs in both waiting, testing and the exam lanes was a concern.


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The Design Solution:

The Solution:

The overall clinic inspiration came from Prince Edward Island. This theme would drive the brand, interior selections, and artwork. Spaces throughout the clinic are concise. They are not generous in size and are looking to provide efficiencies to the task being complete in each area. The creative theme Prince Edward Island produced a lighthouse to welcome the children to the play area. Once inside they have lava portals, play boards and movies to keep them amused. Acoustical panels surrounding the alcove keep the excitement contained for other patients in the waiting room. Patients work their way through the clinic from reception to testing, to inner waiting and finally to the generous exam rooms. A rear access for staff was accommodated off the main hallway. The color palette is filled with red earth tones and relaxing shades of blue. Following equipment confirmations we started work on the branding. The results would include the logo, collateral and signage throughout the facility.

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